Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Skyfliers Amanda and Josh

Another great day at Hidden Mountain. This place is magic and we had the opportunity to share it with Danny and our new friends Amanda and Josh. The day was cold and windy yet despite the bad weather Hidden Mountain provided us with another great day of hiking and hunting for petroglyph's. Its sad that many come to desecrate this ancient art museum or steal its treasures. You will find areas where humans have chipped away at the rock and have taken pieces of this beautiful art.  To help curb vandalism the state found it necessary to lock access to Hidden Mountain to help protect it. You can still visit but you must register with the state and apply for a pass. I love this Valencia County treasure and I love sharing the enchantment of New Mexico with everyone who comes to visit. I feel so fortunate to live close to so many amazing places. If you get the chance to check out Hidden Mountain its a definite must. In the meantime you can get more information here about the Inscription Rock and the Mountains History and Mystique.

Thursday, October 23, 2008

This petroglyph reminded me of a guard watching over its people. When we ventured around to the otherside of the ridge we found an elaborate community complete with walls and the remains of rooms as well as elaborate artwork.
Another day at Hidden Mountain. We walked the perimeter of the entire hill and found the most amazing glyphs. The village where this pic was taken was elaborate. You could see the remains of huge walls and the site was covered in incredible drawings. Some of my favorites included a man with a bird sitting on his head, frogs, stars and this wall with a wonderful array of squiggles and beasts. JC and I have become very fond of this place. To think that people lived here 1000's of years ago fills me with so much wonder.

Monday, October 20, 2008

On top of Hidden Mountain with JC and Danny

Day 1 at Hidden Mountain

This is my Favorite
"God is Great"
Mystery Rock
J.C. , Danny and I ventured out HiWay 6 to explore the Mystery Rock. What an amazing day filled with breathtaking views. I think I had more fun taking pictures of the landscape than the glyphs.




Monday, October 13, 2008

Last week JC and I went Petroglyping... We found some amazing art and this owl led us to a few choice ones. I plan on going back to capture more over the coming weeks. Below is a sampling of my favs.

Monday, August 18, 2008

Baby House Deer
Baba time
Me feeding the baby deer

Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Today is Chloes birthday and this little Corgi pup is her present. Chloe has been wanting a Corgi for almost two years. This little guy is so new we dont even have a name for him yet. Bijou our Great Pyr absolutely loves her. As far as Beej is concerned its her puppy. If you have a good name for this fellow we would love to hear from you.

Monday, December 31, 2007

Its been quite sometime since Ive posted. Between, teenagers, goats, dogs, cats and life I have placed the "Meow" on the back burner .
Today Im going to try and put up some of my favorite moments over this 2007 year. so without further adieu heres 2007 in a nutshell.

Heres J.C .The man who makes all of our happiest of dreams come true.
JC is the love of my life, and I know Chloe loves him too
We Love you JC.

One of my favorite moments in 2007 was seeing Chloe take a tandem skydive.
Heres Rich her tandem pilot as well as her vidographer as they prep her for flight.

My last Dixon White memorial flyin. This trip was bittersweet. I realized that my flying days are so few and far between making it unsafe for me to fly. I love being in the air but I also want to be safe. Untill I get some groundschool and find some flying friends to hang with on a regular basis this Katbird is grounded. This picture makes me a little sad.

During the last year I added angora goats to the mix. I also started to spin the wool, dye it and learn about natural dye plants. I remember when i was in my teens wishing I knew how to spin wool and use plants to dye. HERE i AM years later...Its never too late to try new things. Here is a sampling of hand spun and dyed yarns that me and my girl posse made

Here is another one of my favorite things about 2007. The Flying Goats. Bella was our very first Nigerian goat and we really took our time when it came to breeding her. Here are the beautiful babies she had December 30th. Less than an hour old. Goats are the sweetest creatures on the planet.

I cant forget Bijou. She was a gift from JC. I had researched everything I could about the Pyreneese Mountain Dog. She was exactly the kind of hound for our farm. She is so full of love for all of us. We are her people, the cats are her cats, the goats are her goats. and she showers us with lots of dog slobber. Bijou will be one on Febuary 12, Chloes birthday.